CSD Faculty Attends 2016 CAPCSD Conference


In March of 2016, four of our faculty members (Ms. Barbara Ward,  Ms. Amy Lower, Dr. Alaina Davis, and Dr. James Hall) attended the 2016 CAPCSD Conference in San Antonio. TX. In the photo from left to right: Dr. Valencia Perry (from ASHA), Barbara Ward (Student Advocate and Service Coordinator), Amy Lower (Clinic Coordinator), and Dr. Alaina Davis (Research Coordinator).

The department funded the travels for Ms. Ward, Ms. Lower, and Dr. Davis, who was selected to participate in this year’s Leadership Academy hosted by CAPCSD prior to the annual conference. The academy provides workshops specifically designed to build the knowledge and skills in leadership to individuals considering or are new to academic leadership positions.  Ms. Ward, Ms.  Lower, and Dr. Hall also met with many educational leaders in the field, and made connections for further research collaborations. It was suggested that the department recommend Ms. Lower, our clinic manager, to next year’s Leadership Academy by CAPCSD.